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Each year the members of the club come together and vote for the WCARC Amateur of the Year Award. This individual has been recognized by the membership for going above and beyond others for the club, the community, and the hobby as a whole. We are currently working on getting the prior years published

2021 Whitley County Amateur Radio Club Amateur of the Year Recipient

John P Wasmuth Jr, AA9KB
john wasmuth.jpg
John was a very active member of the club. He presented several club programs over the years, assisted with Field Day, Early Warning Siren Testing, and was instrumental in setting up and planning the fox hunts!

It is with great sadness that John became a Silent Key on September 9th, 2021 and will be missed by all. 

In honor of John Wasmuth, AA9KB, the award was presented to his XYL Jane Wasmuth, N9PIQ. 
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